April 17, 2014#

Video Blogs… Why Do Them?

Everybody is busy. There’s no doubt about that… we’re all rushing around from one place to another with at least a hundred and one things to do. Because of this the way we use the Internet has changed massively. Personally, I know that if I’m having a ganders on Facebook or checking a ‘that-looks-like-it-might-be-an-interesting-thing-to-have-a-nosey-at’ kind of link I can quite quickly come to a halt when I click through if there is lots and lots of wordage. Similarly, when I click on a YouTube link and it says 8 minutes (or something similar) I kind of go into a ‘do I really have the time spare to watch this?’ mode.

We want quick fixes these days, all our info in a flash via compact little soundbites. Cut out the fluff and get to the point!

So, if this is how people are using the Internet these days why-oh-why do I still have blogs popping up on my news feeds from companies trying to sell me something or provide a ‘Top Ten’ list of stuff? The reason is that change comes slowly to many.

But, what’s the answer? How can you get your company message across without turning people off before they even got turned on? How can you promote a truly great product? Or, how can you just say ‘check us out, we might be able to help you’.

In my opinion, the best way forward these days is through the power of video and film… but, of course I’m going to say that – this is a blog for a video and film production company after all!

Honestly though, a great way of promoting yourself is via a Video Blog. You can really use the medium to showcase a specific product in action, or, add some personality to your business and stand out from the competition. Keep it short and snappy and be cheerful (unless your maybe a Funeral Director…). You could offer it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. and use it to show what’s new, answer some FAQs, or, just run it like a little TV station and provide a ‘News from…’ style video.

Video blogs are very easy to make and can be turned around extremely quickly. They are low cost and genuinely can help to put you on the map. It’s also worth knowing that YouTube is now the second largest search engine tool that the public (including your audience and customers) are using. So, why wouldn’t you want to be out there?!

And, finally, videos are also a useful way to further your SEO campaigning. They can bring extra traffic to your main website… and maybe, just maybe, if you are zany enough or produce something so mind-blowingly awesome… you’ll go viral.

If you’d like to have a chat about producing Video Blogs for your company please give us a call or drop us an email. Oh, and if you’re wondering why we haven’t got a video version of this blog… we’re going Old Skool…

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