What We Offer

In short, we offer commercial photography and video production to businesses, organisations and bands across Cheshire and beyond.  We are able to provide these services independently of each other or help you save time and money by providing combined packages including both professional video and professional photography services.


Professional Video Productions at an affordable price...

From our Office in Cheshire, the team at Warble Media have finely honed their talents from a number of years producing promotional videos for hundreds of entertainment acts for their parent company, Warble Entertainment.  Using this unique skill set Warble Media expanded into producing high quality videos for businesses and organisations with a real creative twist.


Why use Video to promote your products or services?

If you are looking to expand your business and reach more potential customers then video promotion is probably the most cost effective, reliable way of doing that.  With a 2-3 minute video you can include as much information as a document that would take someone 10-15 minutes to read (and who wants to do that!).  Potential clients are much more likely to click on a video (and as a bonus, less likely to ‘bounce’) than to download a PDF or read pages of text. Videos allow you to more effectively convey emotion and the use of sound, text and visuals provide the perfect combination to get your messages across clearly to your audience.

Why Use Warble Media to produce your video?

Unlike many other video production companies (who come from a much more technical background), Warble Media have extensive experience in producing creative content that’s intended to entertain as well as inform.  Warble Media also have a tried and tested process to ensure that the production of your commercial video goes smoothly, delivers the messages you want, is in high quality and that you get it on time.

The Commercial Video Process

If you commission Warble Media to produce your commercial video we’ll take you through our proven process to create the perfect video for your business.  Here is a quick run through on how we’ll ensure you get the commercial video you really want:

  • Consultation – We’ll sit down with you and go through all of your requirements and ensure we’re really clear about what it is you are looking for and (most importantly) what you are trying to achieve through your commercial video. At this stage we’ll agree a set of deliverables so that you know exactly what it is you are going to get.  At this stage we’ll confirm the overall cost so that you

  • Storyboarding – Once we’ve got a clear picture of what you are after we’ll put together a ‘storyboard’ which provides a summary of what the video will include.

  • Planning – Once we have the storyboard agreed we’ll start planning the shoot, this includes the location, timings, props, actors/models and additional equipment.

  • Shoot – After all that preparation the shoot is usually pretty straight forward. If there are any unexpected challenges during the shoot our vast experience means we can usually find a work around and still deliver what’s required.

  • Edit – Once we’ve recorded all the footage it’s time for the most labour intensive part of the process in our dedicated editing suit here at Warble Towers.

  • Review – After the editing has been completed we’ll forward you a link so that you can review the draft and provide any feedback.

  • Delivery – Once it’s all been refined and approved we’ll transfer you the final files. This will usually include multiple versions which will be optimised for various platforms (as required).




Professional Commercial Photography in Cheshire at a reasonable price...
In addition to video production, the team at Warble Media are also very experienced in providing professional photography to bands, entertainers and businesses in Cheshire and beyond.  Using our experience in the entertainment industry we are able to provide professional photography with a unique creative flare that will help you promote your business or band in a unique way.

Why use professional Photography to promote your products or services?

Although video is the rising star of promotion, Photography remains the foundation of any good marketing toolkit.  Photos can be used across all platforms, including more those traditional (non-digital) channels, and provide a much more immediate method of delivering key messages.  There are now billions of photos taken  every year and as we see more and more every day it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.  Using high quality, creative photography is one way to give your business or band a significant step-up to being noticed by your potential clients.

Why use Warble Media to provide your professional Photography?

Pretty much everyone now has access to cameras that are capable of producing professional standard images so why should you hire Warble Media to provide you with professional photography?  Well, as Peter Adams is quoted as saying ”A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel” .  Here at Warble Media we have a team of creatives that have years of experience of producing eye catching images that will really push your business above the competition.  Be it for a social media, print or website campaign, we can generate the buzz your are looking for drawing on our experience from promoting acts in the extremely competitive entertainment industry.

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